Identify symptoms; resolve issues at their core

When symptoms of an unknown problem affect operations, it can be challenging for businesses to identify and correct the underlying source of productivity and efficiency issues. Often, other symptoms that may not be immediately obvious or even seem related occur simultaneously. Over the past 18 years I’ve established a four-tiered approach to strategic business analysis.

Non-functional requirements define the environment in which identified solutions operate, including people, technology, compliance, capacity, and other parameters. I help ensure functions produce their desired outcomes by fine-tuning their non-functional requirements, enhancing performance with a 3-tiered analytical focus: competitiveness, efficiency, and longevity. Implementing creative, scalable business solutions without requirements analysis, elicitation, and documentation means there are unknowns on the table – this can be unpredictably problematic. I develop fully-considered strategies to remove the unexpected and drive measurable progress toward stakeholders’ goals. I employ a 3-step process – remediation, analysis, and design/redesign – to ensure specific outcomes through extensive business process modelling. This involved executing systems functionsin sequence across divisions to uncover hidden issues and allow further process re-engineering to eliminate them with minimal impact on operations. Technical analysis of hard and soft infrastructure performance reveals opportunities to create efficiencies in existing systems (future-proofing) as well as new solutions to improve productivity through technology. Before recommending action, I help businesses perform a full functional and technical specification analysis to help them make choices that align with stakeholders’ goals.

Business Requirements

Non Functional Requirement

Business Process Modeling

Functional & Technical Specification