Efficient, fast, and adaptive:I am a seasoned Business Analyst and true strategic craftsmanwho brings a diverse wealth of knowledge and over 18 years' cross-industry experience to the table. Creative solutions for present issues and future concerns:I help organisations worldwide innovate to streamline operations and add value to their companies in ways that align with strategic objectives (KPIs) and stakeholders' needs. Seamless transitions through smart impact assessment: even minor adjustments can cause ripples throughout an organisation. I help businesses plan smooth transitions from current to future states with inclusive perspective on each factor in the equation. Trust, culture, language, communication:offshoring IT operations comes with common concerns that can lead to less than ideal relationships. I assist in removing barriers between your in-house and outsourced personnel to ensure efficient, successful projects. Investigate. Explore. Analyse. Refine:a highly intuitive critical thinker, I excel in Business Processes detective work; identifying inefficiencies, redundancies, and disconnects that, when resolved, can transform businesses' operations and represent significant cost reduction. The journey to transform a problem to a solution: Every business these days comes across three stern barriers while striving to become a productive and efficient IT enterprise - decreasing budgetary support, timely up gradation in IT infrastructure and improving on market demands for better business opportunities.

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