IT Consultant

IT Consultant

The journey to transform a problem to a solution

Every business these days comes across three stern barriers while striving to become a productive and efficient IT enterprise – decreasing budgetary support, timely up gradation in IT infrastructure and improving on market demands for better business opportunities.

In nutshell, the need of the hour is doing more with less. But, how do you manage over the effect of these barriers? In times like these, what is most needed is to have a service provider who firmly believes in ‘Enabling Tomorrow’.

As an IT Consultant, I will work with you to re-engineer your processes, identify your needs and implement a scalable and future proof solution.

How do we do that? My mission is to deliver the optimal outcome by assessing whether the problem’s solution adheres to my business solution principles:

  1. Reusable Solution
  2. Seamlessness in every process
  3. Scalable Solution
  4. Future proof Solution

It’s not just accelerating the response or to get deeper insights into business but to re-imagine business solutions and identify new opportunities.

Many times, I have come across businesses who self-diagnose their problems. Sometimes, there’s no problem to begin with, before the troubleshooting procedures create them. Businesses frequently put a lot of thought into upgrading system infrastructure to get over unidentified issues – whereas the real problem lies in not fully understanding the functionality of present system. Similarly, I have come across businesses who want to re-engineer their process flows to tackle vague issues when the real culprit is the lack of intra-business communication.

What value I add?

I’m the one who examine every piece of the puzzle synthetically and analytically to leave no stone unturned in reaching suitable solution-destinations. As an IT Consultant, I go beyond producing deliverables. I combine innovative thinking with a realistic sense of what can be achieved. That is my understanding of value creation excellence.

My IT Consulting and Business Analysis services are highly bespoke set of services: each client’s needs are different and every business requires an action plan custom-tailored to achieve the results they desire. We will work together to identify your needs and the process that works for you.



CTO Services

If your business is growing, there’s a good chance your IT needs are expanding in proportion. For many small businesses, I ensure the finest alternatives are implemented that just simply bring awesome results, you have been looking for.
Being an experienced IT Consultant, I strive to coerce IT strategy without the significant costs typically associated with executive-level IT professionals.
Ensuring that whether or not a product or system meets its original specifications and that it fulfills its intended purpose, I assure you that you will receive your money’s worth. If we discover problems, we can provide the extra leverage you need to negotiate with your vendor to fix any shortcomings identified in the IV&V.




IT Solution Strategy

Business and technology solutions enable growth and provide the organization with robustness to remain competitive and cement a competitive position on the market. I believe in providing solution to shield your business from unpredictable future, scalable, reusable and future proof.




Project Management

IT Project management is essential to any technology business venture. Taking into account the size of your project portfolio, complexity and duration of projects/programs, and your current operational model, I make sure that the development methodology and process meets your organizational needs.




IT Offshoring consultancy

IT Off-shoring is here to stay! It’s growing and diversifying. You, whether a client looking to offshore your IT activities or an IT services provider, I can help you cement a robust partnership. How? Simple, with the right partner and building a trustworthy relationship!

Not your average ‘consultant’! Creative, genuine and can-do guy!