Multi-disciplined analytical knowledge across industries, organisation styles, and stages of growth

As a seasoned business analyst, I’ve developed multiple related disciplines, combining science with insight and even art to highlight opportunities and inspire teams toward better collaboration toward common goals. My goal is to achieve yours: first to listen and understand, then to develop a strategic action plan with measurable steps.

When melding two divergent systems, focused precision is critical in minimising impact on operations and preventing future issues. I help businesses identify systems and operations they can streamline effectively – and those they shouldn’t– to reduce costs through shared-function reduction to better utilise economy of scale. Don’t let debts owed to you negatively affect your business. I can help you design a collection solution and process that converts receivables to assets efficiently – one that ensures consistent cash flow for your business and enables debtors to repay what they owe you in full. Extensive knowledge: assessment and implementation of retail banking credit card products, including hard and soft technology systems upgrades/modernisation to support digital commerce, new product deployment/integration, and refinement of existing credit transaction processes. Since the Y2K scare, I’ve supported enterprises in strategic, lossless migration by ensuring efficacy of systems and accuracy of data, identifying interdependencies and the appropriate actions and tools to protect integrity and minimise risk. Today, paper documentation is usually a frivolous expense. Modern systems provide superior accessibility and failsafe backups: I can help you transition seamlessly to paperless documentation, modernising your business’ back-office processes to improve efficiency and minimise costs at every opportunity. Tech marches ever onward; smart organisations address emerging security and efficiency issues quickly with up-to-date systems. I can help you develop and assess feasible solutions with tangible impact on – or minimal disruption of – on your operations and bottom line.

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