Senior Business Analyst

I have extensive experience as a senior business analyst. I have worked with various organizations in this capacity, being involved in different technical projects that required my expertise in business analysis. My extensive knowledge and deep understanding of business analysis has helped me to achieve various successes in all the places that I have worked. Since 1997, I excelled in business analysis and helped projects delivering complex mandates.
These are highlights of my recent experience:

Freelance Business Analyst

From January 2016 to present, I have worked as a freelance business analyst for a non-profit organization. Here I was able to design and implement a successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy.

My success was mirrored in the tasks that I undertook, which included requirements gathering and analysis as well as identifying and designing the best business processes for the organization. During the same period, I also worked for a major global credit bureau as a freelance business analyst. I was tasked with process re-engineering of the sales channel. I successfully implemented through identifying and mapping the current process and suggesting improvements.

Senior Business Analyst

From September 2011 to December 2013, I worked as a senior business analyst for a major Australian bank. Here I was involved in project to deliver a credit card partnership with Visa and the Bank. My tasks included reviewing test documents and developing test cases for SIT and UAT. I also planned and developed a Post Implementation Verification (PIV) plan and managed and executed PIV from End to End. All this was despite joining the project at an advanced stage.

Prior to this project, I also was the senior business analyst for the bank Global Currency Travel card project where I developed the business requirements for the travel card’s features. I developed end to end business processes required to implement the product. I also managed and planned User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for the entire project besides developing a PIV and Business Processes Specification Document. All these were crucial components of the project’s success.

Multiple Roles as an IT Business Analyst

Over 20 years of cross industry experience with divers businesses and industries. A solid experience, but it’s my curiosity that provides the most value. I’m constantly looking at new technologies and approaches to business. It’s this blend of technological understanding and raw imagination that elevates the organizations I work with. I grew out of software development into being a business analyst because I understood both sides of the equation: technology and business. That means I can work next to business to understand their requirements, and then translate business needs to a group of solution designers, technology providers, testers...

Besides a comprehensive understanding of business technology, I have the unique ability to be dropped into the toughest spots and deliver results. Team leadership, stakeholders engagement; an analyst is as much about managing people and expectations as it is managing technology.

Business Process Analyst

Investigate, Explore, Analyse, Refine.

A highly intuitive critical thinker, I excel in Business Processes design; identifying inefficiencies, redundancies, and disconnects that, when resolved, can transform businesses’ operations and represent significant cost reduction. I have extensive experience in identifying the As Is processes, re-engineer the current processes and implement the To Be processes.

Project Manager

I have experience as a project manager of a non-profit organization. My employer was able to benefit from my skills as a business analyst. I was involved in an ERP implementation experience. As a project manager with business analysis background, I was able to modernize the existing technologies used by the client to become more efficient and customer-oriented. This created more efficiency and eliminated the reliance on manual tasks thus increasing the sustainability of the business. I was able to successfully deliver a project of $ 1.5 million in my capacity as the project manager.

I also have experience as a project manager for a project that involved the system review of a software release management process. The system has a turnover of over $1 billion per year. I successfully conducted a review of the current process and proposed an improved future process. As the project manager, I assisted in the implementation of the new release process and managed the entire initiative.

My experience as a project manager was complemented by my skills as a business analyst. The extensive knowledge in the field of IT and software development made it possible to deliver projects with relative ease.